About Me
I think I am what some people might call a "staging nerd."

A great Saturday night for me is rearranging my family room, followed by countless trips to various stores for fun new accessories. I light up if I find a new home goods store or cool resale shop. When I am sitting at a traffic light and gazing into a storefront I am mentally redesigning their window display. I have stopped myself from calling retail shops to offer to stage their windows that look hopeless.
I feel fulfilled when things look right in a room and I usually do not stop until it is. I should add, those "rooms" are not always mine. I may or may not be guilty of moving display pieces in stores, furnishings at friends houses, and even furniture pieces of family members just to make it look better.
I have been known to obsess over many dorm rooms, college houses, my daughter's apartments, school classrooms, and vacation rentals. Staging is about ME all of the time, everyday, no matter what. I have even gone as far as to mentally rearrange a hospital room while recently visiting a family member.
Oh, and do tablescapes, buffet lines, and food arrangement on dinner plates count? Guilty, guilty, guilty. I believe anything can benefit from proper staging including areas like: garages, closets, cupboards, and landscaping. So you can call me a staging nerd, but I call it passion. I am excited there is a business opportunity within my passion.

Janice Forgione (HSE)

P.S. Many people ask when all of this started for me. I remember being 11 or 12 years old and loving to watch Bewitched, not because I adored Samantha, Tabitha, or Darren, but because I loved their house, the arrangement, the flow, and the finished feel it had. Check out an old episode, even by today's standards it is a well presented home.

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