Staging Services
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This service is free of charge

I come to your home and spend 15 minutes to 1 hour walking through each room. I will verbally share the end result of what I will do for you in each area. This service should result in booking a consultation or hands on staging.


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I come to your home and spend 1 to 1 1/2 hours walking through your home taking detailed notes and photos of each area. Within 48 hours those notes will be compiled into a written and detailed format of each room assessing exactly what needs to be done and how to do it, resulting in your home showing beautifully to buyers. This service is geared toward the homeowner who wants to do the work themselves. There is a one time flat rate for this service payable at the appointment time.
*Recommendations will also include lighting, color, flooring, windows, and needed repairs.

Hands on Staging:

Contact me for pricing and appointment

This is basically a consultation but I come back and do the work.. In addition to the consultation fee, there is an hourly rate for this service. Your space will be refined and defined using your own furnishings, resulting in a completely staged home highlighting focal points and downplaying negative aspects. Consultation fee due upon booking and rest of payment due when work is completed.